I'm Akvilé,

a fashion artist who paints with 💄lipsticks 

and a creative strategist helping brands to stand out.

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Picture by Ilme Vysniauskaite


fter studying Painting in Vilnius Art Academy, a gorgeous building located in a Gothic monastery once built by Bernardine monks, and an exchange programme in Milan’s Brera Academy, I then followed a master’s degree in Creative Business.


I've never imagined myself working alone in the studio, hence I’ve spent years editing a fashion magazine and working in luxury PR in the design sector, keeping my finger on the pulse and intertwining the two with my art.

or over a decade, I've led PR & Marketing campaigns for interiors, fashion & beauty brands in the Baltics and London. This multicultural background shows in my work, as does my love of modern art, pop culture, and aesthetics.

oday, I help businesses to create aspirational brands by developing inspiring narratives, elevating visual communications and enhancing strategic positioning within the market.

Together with the brands, I collaborate on turning the tables on creative marketing and brand communications.



my campaign for Magnum ice-cream. Watch with the subtitles on!

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talking about how brands can unlock

creativity by using art in marketing

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Beyond Pigments

from an interview with Petrie Manifesto

ES: How did you discover lipstick as a means of expressing yourself on canvas? What attracts you to it? Does it allow more freedom than other materials?

AL: I look beyond the motives depicted on canvas. I studied anatomy, classical drawing, painting and pigment history. Lipstick is a pigment that I have been researching and working with for almost a decade.

In 2012, right after I got back from studying in Milan, my final work was a graduation exhibition with a fully developed concept. As I was working on the canvas series, I still had the feeling that something was missing. Time was tight – I had a few months, which would be enough but it did not give me the freedom to experiment until the last minute. Since paintings created using oils take too much time to dry, up to a month, I started experimenting. I glued transparent cellophane to the wall and started sketching with black markers. Then I added acrylics and models in motion (falling from the catwalk) appeared. At some point, I glanced at my cosmetic bag and thought, “I am sending a message about lipsticks and beauty, about creating one’s image through my drawings all the time, so why not try and use those lipsticks and lip pencils to complement my ideas?”

Today I use various lipstick tones from corals to strawberry and deep burgundy shades, then I often add some watercolour or acrylic paint to fill in the shapes. The thing I like most about it is how smooth the drawn line lies down – even slides – on the surface. I enjoyed the result so much that it became the base of my paintings and some drawings. I am still looking for different ways to use it and feel there are a lot of combinations to be discovered and tried yet.

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