London lipstick artist Akvile Les and PAOM unveil new capsule line

Creative sustainability meets slow fashion

Recently, I have collaborated with New York based slow fashion brand PAOM to launch a capsule line. The collection is full of urban and streetwear silhouettes, featuring unisex T-Shirts, women's swimwear, and accessories including scarfs, bandanas, and canvas bags.

I have already been exploring reducing waste and creative sustainability by incorporating unused and expired lipstick tubes in my paintings, and that the inspiration for the collection stems from post-pandemic optimism, change, and the new world.

White, gold, and lipstick shades including pink, burgundy and plum make up the colour palette. Capturing playful, classy with edge style that's shaped by growing up in the city, Akvilė Les x PAOM collection is full of signs. Hand-painted bees, crowns, candy cones, flowers, and eyes delve into symbolism and reinforce the values of community, trust, intelligence, rebirth, and joy.

Shop the collection via PAOM:


About PAOM

Based in New York City, Print All Over Me is an online platform for custom printed clothing and cool collaborations. PAOM was created to promote slow fashion and to make the internet real. Noted collaborations include apparel for Cartoon Network’s Powerpuff Girls, Tumblr, The New York Times, Grindr, The Tom of Finland Foundation, etc. and the brand has been featured in GQ, Gayletter, Out Magazine, The New York Times, Fuuucking Young Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, Boyfriend Magazine, Paper Magazine, and more. Jesse Flekenstein and Sourabh Sharma have enabled PAOM to be a one stop shop for the coolest online collaborations and custom clothing.

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